All kits include: two 30-minute brainstorm sessions & 1 round of edits

the career kit

Looking for a new role? The Career Kit is everything you need to impress your next boss.

This kit includes:

  • Resume

  • Cover letter

Prices starting at:

$250/single asset

$400/both assets

Megan completely revised my cover letter from a jumbled mess of words into a complete and beautiful short story that explained my career and why I was the most competitive candidate for the position.
— Alex C.
Working with Megan was very easy and rewarding. She listened to what I wanted and ran with it, producing a top quality cover letter and resume.
— Kevin H.
Megan really helped boost up my resume. I love the way she highlighted my skills and accomplishments. I feel so much more confident going into a job interview with this upgrade!
— Justine C.

the college kit

Stressing over applications? You’ve already done the hard part, now let’s work together to craft your perfect story.

This kit includes:

  • Common App/long body essay revisions (650 words)

  • 2 supplemental works revisions (400 words per)

Prices vary by application

Starting at: $500

Megan helped me with my (many) graduate school application essays. She turned my average writing into a way more competitive paper. She returned my work quickly and was SO great to work with!
And — I got in!
— Katie B.
I got the fellowship! Thanks for your help reviewing my writing!
— Katherine A.

the content kit

On-demand content, any way you want. Tell me what you need, and I’ll make it happen. No strings.

This kit includes:

  • All the content

  • 2 rounds of edits, as needed

Prices vary by project

Starting at: $400

I highly recommend Megan to anyone looking to hire a copywriter. Megan helped us write copy for several email campaigns which led to increased engagement and higher conversion rates. Incredibly driven, insatiably curious and always optimistic, Megan delivered beyond expectations and was an absolute pleasure to work with.
— Kyle S.
I went to the write place, indeed! A recent college grad, I was on the job search for four months before connecting with Megan. Her expertise crafting resumes was evident, reworking everything from formatting to copy. Since the revamp, I got hired in my desired role, and I’m working full time!
— Carolina A.

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