Hi, I’m Megan!

I’m a true Gemini, a lover of big dogs, and I’m obsessed with words.

So obsessed that I quit my steady 9-5 to write full-time, all the time. I spend every free moment between meetings and calls pecking away at my keyboard or scribing in my journal — for clients and for myself. It’s what fuels me, and if I’m not creating, I’m not myself.

Writing is my thing, and I’m here to do it.

Some real-life confessions: I’m a terrible singer, I hate to swim, and I can’t touch my toes.

Singing, swimming, and yoga – those aren’t my things. And writing might not be yours. Which is totally okay, because we’re all stronger when we put our heads together to make things happen.

I believe in the power of purpose, and I want to help you believe in yours.

Because I already do.

So let’s collaborate, become pals, and see how my favorite hobby can be your greatest resource.



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Client portfolio available H E R E.

• Out of respect for my clients, my portfolio is confidential. Please ping me for access, as a password needed•