And if you’re not weird, get weird.

My awesome (and totally weird) boss always tells me to be weird, to embrace my weirdness, and to find someone else (a ‘lifer’) who will do the same. At first I thought it was weird that she was telling me to be weird, but the more I think about it, the more I realize just how imperative it is: we have to be weird to be different, because if we’re not different, we’re all one big monotonous group of boring humans living in a boring world.

But being weird and embracing your weirdness also means that others are going to be weird, and that you have to be okay with their weirdness, too. It doesn’t mean you have to be weird like them, understand their weird ways, or even like their weirdness. But let them be weird. Because they’re letting you be weird. And that’s what you want: to be weird – free of interruption, judgement and any sort of impasse.

So to nudge you to embrace your weirdness and to be a little weirder, I’ll (weirdly) go out on a limb and share with you 9 things (10 would be too predictable) that are weird about me, and that I’ve totally grown to love over the past 21 years. Because let’s face it: the older we get, the more time we’ve had to be weird. And weird is cool.

  1. I never buy jeans full price/ new
  2. I caption Instagram photos based on how even the lines of text are
  3. I sleep with 2 stuffed animals: Bunbun (the OG) and Oatie (Lauren’s OG)
  4. I constantly pick my nose (obviously because I have my nose pierced)
  5. I laugh at my own jokes… a lot
  6. I think my Birkenstocks look good with everything (they don’t)
  7. I have a (severe) aversion to soy products (yuck)
  8. I’m 99.6% sure that my ears belong to an elf
  9. I’m always full throttle about the things I love (i.e. I just got a Garmin vívosmart that I absolutely will not stop talking about… just ask my roomies)

And if you don’t believe any of that, there’s always this…

I’m sure I’ve got about a billion and one more weird things about me (just ask my sister). New things come up everyday, and I always think to myself, “Goodness me, I’m such an odd creature.” But odd is fun, because odd isn’t even. And even is boring. And we don’t like boring, we like weird.

So be weird, stay weird, get weird, and let everyone else be weird, too. Weird makes us unique, and unique is what makes us the beautiful and love-filled individuals that we are. Because we were all weirdly created to be pretty damn weird. 

Keep doing your weird