Trinity Lake is probably one of my favorite places in the entire world. I haven’t seen much else of the world (yet), but if you’ve seen Trinity, then you know how irrelevant globe trotting is to knowing the value of such a sacred place. My other favorite place – this one more frequented (although, not frequented nearly enough) – is my bed. So, lazy days sleeping in as I lay on the porch and listen to the river rush by? That’s a little slice of heaven. After all, the Trinity is Holy, right?

But the best part about taking our annual camping trip isn’t the long drive upstate or even that first inhale as you step out of the car and onto a backroad. It’s being in such an incredible place with the most incredible people.

My dad is one of nine kids, and my mom is one of five. Basically, I have a gigantic family. With twenty-two cousins on my dad’s side alone, any family get together is instantly a P A R T – A Y (and a Costco buy-out to have enough food). And the coolest part? We all make the trek up to Trinity. Every year. For the same week. It’s a tradition that we have, and it’s one that I don’t plan on breaking any time soon. No matter the issue or circumstance, if you’re looking for me during the last week of July and the first week of August, don’t bother. I’ll be riverside, laying on a raft, enjoying paradise.

But as I get older, the responsibilities seem to multiply. It’s harder to block out that time in my schedule because I have so many things going on: work, school, summer school, training, and – oh yeah – this little thing called writing that I’m so in love with. But regardless of my (seemingly endless) list of responsibilities, I make it work. And I’ll always make it work, because it’s worth it to me. And things that are worth it are worth working for (i.e. just about anything).

Usually. Unless that job promotion is so worth it, but you’re so undeniably miserable. Then it’s not worth it. Happiness is king, so bow down, damn it.Trinity Megan is one of the happiest there is (only competitors being Hawaii Megan and “I’m Finally Done With Finals & So Ready to Stuff My Face” Megan), and right now I’m having a huge Trinity hangover. I miss the water, I miss the sun (I swear it’s more perfect there), I miss my family all in one place, I miss being unreachable (no phone? yes please), and most of all, I miss who I am when I’m there.

So as I sit here writing about Trinity and continuing to go through my withdrawal process, I’m also simultaneously staring at a countdown that permanently resides in the corner of my computer screen: 322 days, 17 hours, 11 minutes, and 46 seconds.

Sounds crazy, I’m sure, but trust me. If you’d have been there, you’d know.

Want to create a little mini Trinity? Turn your phone off, turn on some running water (Californians, you know better), close your eyes, picture the most beautiful green forest, and think of whatever it is that makes you happy. I know it’s not much in comparison, but I’m trying to work with my resources here. Give a girl a break.

Keep doing your best to unplug, unwind and have a good time.