Open your eyes. Take it in. And be present.

Sounds easy, right? Well I thought so, too, until I turned around, looked at these last three weeks of my life and realized that I’ve been in one serious (holi)daze.

From (somehow) finishing finals and my 2nd to last semester at USC (eek), to (surprisingly) getting my Christmas shopping done, I managed to make it through the holiday season with only a few bruises and a couple of minor (paper)cuts. But as I sit here and look back at the month of December, I’m thankful that it was a fast but fun one, filled with love, laughter, a few extra pounds (I’m about to go sweat, #resolutions), and not nearly enough time.

The holidays are (supposed to be) a time for family, friends, making memories and endless amounts of food (and cocoa). But how many of us had mile-long To Do lists and spent the majority of the season running around just hoping to check everything off? How easy was it to forget the organic root of the holidays: to spend time together, with the ones we love? Did you consciously approach the season with intention, seeking serenity and grace?

If you did, hats off. Because let me tell you, it’s hard. I tried and failed. Everything snowballs (literally), and before I knew it, it was today. The holidays had passed, and everyone’s headed back to work (or school). But hey, at least I tried, and at least there’s always next year to perfect my approach to the Christmas season. At least that’s what I keep telling myself… (356 days and counting).

And as this New Year starts, I’m excited to see what 2016 has to hold for me and the ones I love (yes, that means you!). I prepped for 2016 with some new face jewelry, a healthy little hair chop, some serious schedule altering, and a 180˚ attitude flip. Can’t wait for you to be a part of it all.

Love and blessings to you and yours.

With love, from me and mine (wait, it’s just me).

Keep doing you, babe. I know that Monday after New Years is brutal, but you’re doing great!

- Megan