Hi Beauty!

We are so excited to welcome you to our new home! We want this space to be as cozy for you as it is for us, and we want you to feel welcome to come hang out - anytime you like! Stop by for a quick confidence boost, or hang around, jive with us, and get in contact about making this space exactly what you need. 

It'd be rude of us to invite you over without a tour, so here's everything you need to know about our new crib:

  1. We're totally redesigned, but everything's still here - and more! 
  2. MORE?! We're going to be offering a weekly newsletter, so scroll down to the bottom and sign your booty up for even more love from [insert title here] each week. Simply enter your name and email at the bottom of this page, and opt in to jiving with us! We pinky promise to pop into your inbox once a week with nuggets of happiness and authenticity. Don't worry, we'll never share your information with anyone else. Another pinky promise.
  3. Hungry? The menu across the top has all the navigating tools you'll ever need. From learning more about [insert title here] and reading the blog, to checking out our latest photos and getting in contact with us, this menu will be your bestie when sifting through the site. Get lost? Just click "Home". There's no place like it.
  4. In a hurry? Our home page has a button at the top linking directly to the latest blog post. Just [tap it].
  5. Want to collaborate? Cool - we do too! Head over to the cont(r)act page to talk business. Or just to say hi. Or both. We don't discriminate against agendas.
  6. What do you do? We do a lot here at [insert title here]: we write, we speak, and we definitely meet up for coffee and tea. Let us know your needs and we're more than happy to start working with you.
  7. What did you say? Speak up! We're dedicated to creating a space for you, inspired by you. Something not exactly how you'd like it? Let us know and we'll work it out as best we can.
  8. Did someone call housekeeping? If you're interested in our policies and all that legal jazz (you're not, I know), you can find it in the footer on every page, just for your convenience.

Feel free to poke your head around and snoop our space. (We promise there aren't any nanny cams, so stalk away.) We're so tickled you're here, and we're excited for the countless opportunities this new platform is already giving us - just wait and see!

Happiness and love to you from our brand-new home to yours.

*cue the champagne*