A quick note from the writer (that’s me), editor in chief (also me) and intern (still me): A huge apology for not getting DAY 5 out to you yesterday, but my life was consumed by something terribly important: Trojan Football. Need I say more? So here’s an extended post of DAY 5 and DAY 6 for your reading pleasures. Enjoy and (as always) FIGHT ON!


As my (cherished) time in Trinity came to an end, I still wasn’t ready to go home. So, I didn’t (#rebel). I piled into my cousin’s little Toyota Corolla and started the 587 mile trek to Seattle. And although the ride was long, the car was stuffed, and my hiney was killing me, it was absolutely worth it. Because goodness me, Seattle is stunning.

I spent the week exploring The Emerald City with my cousin Beau, and we stayed with two of our cousins who (now) live in Seattle. They showed us around and directed us to all the cool spots – both local and touristy. And if you know me, you know that touristy isn’t my thing (going for that boho, soulful vibe over here), but it’s hard to not be touristy when you’ve got a large Nikon strapped around your neck. I guess I just like pictures? We’ll go with that…

And since I couldn’t stop taking photos and because words don’t do this beautiful place justice (and we’re all about that justice), here are a few snaps to give you a glimpse of Seattle’s beauty and my amazing time there:


Deception Pass State Park, WA


Snoqualmie Falls, WA


Summer Megan enjoying a ferry back to Seattle


Pike Place Public Market

And after spending time in such a vibrant and incredible city, I’m set on moving there. My mom? Not so set. But we can work on that, because at some point, I have to do it. I have to just jump. It’s never an easy adjustment coming off your parents’ tab, but it’s necessary. And that’s not to say that it’s not absolutely horrifying, but what better time than (8 months from) now?

I’m excited to spend a long little while – a few months – living in Seattle next year, and to have some quality time with my family up there. The Pacific Northwest is a stunning place, and everyone can use a little change of scenery every so often. Cue: An escape from Los Angeles. This is place is so weird.

After a week in Seattle and a week of (attempted) packing back home, I found myself sitting on an airplane en route to Maui, Hawaii. Life’s hard at 21.


Given the crazy, nonstop summer that I had, Hawaii was the perfect time for some true relaxation and recovery. I turned off my iPhone, widened my eyes, and tried to absorb everything around me. There’s nothing quite like a Hawaiian sunset and a piña (or two) on the beach. Literally nothing.

We snorkeled, soaked up some Vitamin D, and just enjoyed ourselves. A few (too many) mai tais later, and I can tell you that Maui (and my parents) treated me quite well. And coming from a girl who doesn’t like submerging herself in water, that’s saying a lot.

(Thankfully) I didn’t let my fear of the ocean dictate the fun that I had, and I’m so proud of myself for that. You have to push yourself to embrace your fears, because if you don’t, you’ll miss out on so much. I still panic and swim frantically away when I encounter anything living or breathing under the water, but at least I’m in the water and at least I’m trying.

So, Mahalo Hawaii for (another) incredible week, and I can’t wait to (hopefully) see you again soon. Your beauty and spirit never cease to amaze me.

Keep exploring friends. The world is a pretty cool little sphere.