Not sure if your memory has grayed (pun intended), but the “amount of gray hair that has been surfacing itself on my scalp is appalling.” And although it’s definitely hereditary, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t drive me absolutely insane.

This summer I said goodbye to (most of) my grays and lightened my life a little. And I know I said I would embrace the early onset of wisdom (gray guys), but it was just too challenging for me. (Note to self: do more difficult things). I’d like to take this moment to point out that no, I’m not perfect and that yes, I have insecurities, too. Gray hairs residing atop that list (and my head).

Plus, who doesn’t love a little summer lighten, right? I’m bound to regret this decision as my roots make themselves clearly visible come October, but we can deal with that in regular Megan fashion: ignore the problem until we get there.

But just because I don’t (totally) love the gray on my head, doesn’t mean I don’t love it on my walls. I repainted my room 50 shades of gray (ok, maybe just 2), and decided that the (somewhat) dull and monochromatic tone of my room would set a large and glorious platform for my vibrant soul and colorful spirit. At least that’s the hope (and what I told my mom so she’d let me repaint).

My dad, of course, is the absolute man and painted my room to perfection. I would have helped, but I was too busy getting my hair done. And let’s be honest, no one can handle that much gray.

I needed a fresh start (sense a theme here?), and I needed to give myself a clean slate. I’ve decided that my twenties (all 1.25 years of them so far) are by far the most frightening (yet). So much is expected of us, and there’s so much pressure to be who the 245, 273, 438 American adults think we should be. Do yourself a favor and give yourself a chance. This is the time to decide who you do (and don’t) want to be, so make yourself intentional. This summer I promised myself that this is my time – my time to figure out who “me” is, and to make her awesome. A little hair change-up and room redo were just my way of beginning that process.

Get to the root of you, figure out what makes you awesome, what can make you awesome-er (totally a word), and keep loving yourself – even when it’s hard. And if it’s just too hard, there’s always bleach and paint.

Hope you’re having the most colorful of Thursdays.