I love my sister. A lot. And this summer, I learned to love her a whole lot more. We’re very different, and as with most differences in this world (i.e. any war), we often argue about our lack of similarity instead of embracing the diversity we bring to the relationship. But this summer we put in a little extra effort into making our relationship a little bit better – and it worked.

The hardest part about a relationship is finding the time for it. Whether it’s with your parents, siblings, friends, or a (gorgeous) lover, a relationship is effort. The great onesseem effortless, but that doesn’t mean they are. You’re dedicating time, emotions and usually a whole lot of $$$ (boys, you hear me). The most disheartening part about not getting along with my sister, though, isn’t that we fight, but that I usually just don’t try hard enough to make it work. How can we get closer when I don’t intentionally make time for our relationship? Hint: we can’t.

But with me being 21 now (we’re back to that fresh start, again), my sister having an awesome new boyfriend (Hi, Eddie), and both of us just the slightest bit more mature, this summer was a step in the right direction. We did more things together than we ever have, we (randomly) gifted sweet surprise to each other (you’re welcome for this blog post, Lauren), and – best of all – we enjoyed each other’s company. Now, that’s not to say we didn’t have screaming matches where we fought to the death (we death-inately did), but they were far less painful and caused much less damage. Our fights are caused by flaws in our reactions, not our relationship.

So when Lauren asked if I wanted to do a wine and paint night with her, I thought to myself: I love wine, I hate painting, but I love my sister. Two out of three isn’t bad (at least that’s what I tell myself when I reel in that 67% on pop quizzes), so I decided to go for it. Besides, what makes two twenty-something girls a little more agreeable and a lot more loving and understanding?


Definitely, wine.

So we wined and dined ourselves (mostly just wined) at a cute wine bar in Downtown Campbell, and we spent some quality time together. Throw in a little paint, a little more wine and some fabulous conversation, and that makes for about as good of a Monday evening as any. Definitely beats watching the Bachelorette… live. I can’t stand the stress of the excessively long commercial breaks.

I had heard of wine and painting classes via pretty much every cool boho person I know, and I’d been wanting to try it in my (nonexistent) spare time. I’m atrociously awful at art (of any variety) and had hopes that the fluidity of the wine would translate to the fluidity of my paintbrush. And if the art itself didn’t get better, then maybe at least my vision would worsen and I would think it looked better? One can only hope…

                    My (attempted) painting on the left; Lauren’s lovely creation on the right

                  My (attempted) painting on the left; Lauren’s lovely creation on the right

The wine must have helped to some capacity because the painting isn’t (half) bad, and it’s currently hanging on my freshly painted walls in my room. The walls have slightly more finesse than my canvas, but hey, that sloppiness is #art. Picasso didn’t get famous by painting inside the lines, now did he?

Keep doing you and keep wining, staying outside the lines and appreciating those around you.

But mostly wining.