May I go back? Like all the way? All the way to the beginning of May? Please?

I don’t know how it happened, but somehow the month of May waltzed right past me, and I didn’t even notice. I’m not totally sure, but it may have been because I was (simultaneously) doing the following:

  • Studying for my four final exams. Yes, I said four. As if Constitutional Law wasn’t enough…
  • Packing up all of my clothes to take home for summer. Let me just say: 54 pairs of shoes. I’ll let your imagination take you from there.
  • Cleaning my entire apartment. But, shh don’t tell my mom or she’ll think I’m actually capable of keeping my room clean.
  • Training for PAC 12 Championships. If only I could express the exhaustion…
  • Driving back and forth between the San Francisco Bay and LA multiple times. One of which included taking Highway 1 for a beautiful (but terrifyingly long) drive home. I’ve never wanted to set foot on home soil so badly.
  • Turning twenty-one. Yes, you heard me: TWENTY-ONE! That deserves a blog post all to itself, so more on that in the days to come. But let me just say: #bestbirthdayever thanks to my family and friends! I’m truly blessed.
  • Cutting my hair to an appalling (yet weirdly refreshing) new length and adding a little color to lighten things up. The anticipation of my new look is killing you, I’m sure.
  • Starting a new (and crazy-busy) internship that’s on East Coast time (while living in CA). Hello, early mornings! I’ve been going nonstop, but loving every second of it.
  • Trying to stay alive and survive the everyday battle that is life. Ya feel?

So, my deepest apologies for my absence on the blog lately, but I’ve been super busy. As I’m getting into my summer routine (what a hard life, I know), I’ll definitely be frequenting my corner of the blogosphere a lot more. I don’t know if you missed me, but I definitely missed you.

I’m envisioning a grandma squeezing the cheeks of a 12-year-old and hugging him so tightly (against his will) that he can barely breathe. I’ll be that grandma. #noshame #atall

Glad to be back and excited to keep doing me. Stay happy, friends.