I blog from three places: Starbucks (multiple locations), my bed (in LA) or my bed (in the SF Bay). But, surprise! Last week was a complete change up as I took my (five) keyboard(s) and my adventures to a totally different scene: Washington D.C.

I spent the week working and heavily exploring in Washington D.C. (am I old yet?). And let me tell you: It. Was. Awesome. It was also unhealthily hot (and humid) and I will not be returning during the months of June – September anytime soon. I say that now…

Traveling is always something that I’ve enjoyed. I love going new places and seeing new things. Cliché? Yes. But I figure clichés are true for a reason, so I’ll just leave it at that. One thing I haven’t done much of though? Traveled alone. And although it seems nice to leave the (loud and over-packed) family at home, it’s weird. Very, very weird.

Whenever we go on family vacations I always think and (unfortunately) say: leave me alone, I want to do this by myself, and how in the world can I relax with you people constantly around me (and God forbid wanting to actually talk to me)? I can’t wait until I’m older and I only have to worry about me.

[insert foot in mouth here]

Well, news flash: I’m older, I only have to worry about me, and it’s not so fun.

I find myself thinking instead of listening, listening instead of talking, and talking to myself instead of talking to others (#normal). Which is a great change up – despite the fact that you hear some interesting (and sometimes incredibly unintelligent) things from the mouths of others.

My favorite unintelligent comment of the week: Jefferson was the worst president ever, and I hate him; but his memorial is nice.

Note: Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence (Your freedom? You’re welcome); he purchased about half of the United States via the Louisiana Purchase (Your front lawn? You’re welcome); and he revolutionized sustainable agriculture (Your breakfast, lunch and dinner? You’re welcome).

Oh – and he popularized macaroni and cheese in the United States. That deserves some bipartisan love from both sides of the aisle.

I’m not saying he’s the nation’s greatest president, but he can’t possibly be the absolute worst. Recall: President [insert your political ideology here]. Need I say more?

I definitely missed having my family to talk to (or even just to talk at), and it’s always nice to come back home – no matter how long it’s been. But even with my family absent, the trip was an incredible whirlwind. I got to work with some amazing people, see some fascinating, historical and educational landmarks (nerd alert over here), and experience an entirely different city… for the 5th time. But you always learn something new, right?

Bottom line: Life’s more fun when you’re sharing it with people you love, in places you love.

So I guess I’ll drag the fam along the next time I head across the country. Hopefully the destination is something a little more relaxing, though. I’m thinking: tropical. Hello, Barbados? A girl can dream…

Keep doing you and remember how lucky you are to be surrounded by such love and beauty. And yes, I mean the people.